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Grace Necklace

Grace Necklace

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Product Description

Discover "Grace". Elegantly wrapped in a harmonious blend of black and ivory tribal African print and highlighted with subtle olive green accents, this necklace is more than just a statement piece—it's an embodiment of strength and poise. Wearing "Grace" is not merely about enhancing an outfit, but about embracing and radiating an empowered essence. With every glance and turn, it whispers the resounding message of Maba: "I'm here." Let "Grace" accentuate your presence, and transform every ensemble into a reflection of empowerment.

Uses & Benefits

Formal Events: Its elegant design makes the Grace Necklace a perfect accessory for formal or evening wear. Pair it with a little black dress or a formal gown to add a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.

Casual Outings: The tribal African print brings a vibrant contrast to casual outfits, such as a white tee and jeans or a simple sundress, making it ideal for brunches, coffee dates, or day outings.

Professional Settings: Add a dash of personality to business casual or professional attire. The Grace Necklace can serve as a conversation starter, showcasing a blend of creativity and professionalism.

Cultural Celebrations: Perfect for cultural events or celebrations, it pays homage to African heritage while complementing traditional attire.

Gift Idea: With its unique design and cultural significance, the Grace Necklace makes an excellent gift for those who appreciate art, culture, and fashion.



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  • Cotton
  • African Print
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