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Awuraa (Lady) Pencil Skirt

Awuraa (Lady) Pencil Skirt

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Product Description

The Awuraa Pencil Skirt, with "Awuraa" meaning "Lady" in Twi, is the epitome of grace and poise. Offered in two sizes to embrace the silhouette of every woman:

  • Size 1: Waist: 32", Hip: 42", Length: 28"
  • Size 2: Waist: 26", Hip: 36", Length: 28"

This skirt celebrates the essence of womanhood with its sleek design and vibrant hue, designed to complement the natural curves and stature of a lady.

Uses & Benefits

Crafted for the modern woman, the Awuraa Pencil Skirt is a wardrobe staple that offers both style and functionality. Its snug fit and stretchable fabric allow for comfort without sacrificing form, ideal for the lady on the move. The skirt's design not only enhances the wearer's figure but also instills confidence with its timeless elegance.


The Awuraa Skirt's form-fitting silhouette can transition seamlessly from office elegance to evening sophistication. Tuck in a crisp white blouse for a classic business look or pair it with a sequined top for a night out. Its knee-length cut makes it versatile for both heels and flats, while the bold pattern allows for simple accessories. For a casual twist, style it with a graphic tee and sneakers.


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Care Instruction

Preserve the skirt's vibrant color and shape by hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent. To dry, lay it flat or hang it to prevent wrinkles. Iron on a low setting if needed, and avoid tumble drying and bleach to maintain the fabric's resilience and color depth. With proper care, the Awuraa Skirt will remain a cherished piece in any lady's collection.


  • cotton
  • African print fabric
  • Ankara fabric
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